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Link to Application Form :

Another World Festival 2018 Traders Pack:Traders Information, Site Rules/Terms & Conditions

Please read our traders document in full before submitting your online form to trade (the link is at the bottom of this document). It contains information, terms and conditions that must be adhered to, to trade at Another World (AW). Applications from traders with no food/drink sales complete parts 1 & 3 only. If your trading involves food/drink complete parts 1, 2 & 3.



A: COMPANY DETAILS (online form)




Behind space will be tight & only vehicles used directly for stall operation are allowed. Staff camping & parking will be available on site. An onsite static pass will be issued for the vehicle required for your stall and will not be allowed off site for stock. Traders are able to come and go freely if parked in staff car parking.


NB:You will have the opportunity closer to the festival date to confirm these details.



Staff allocation passes per pitch purchased will be deemed by AW according to stall type & pitch size NB: Passes/Wristbands are non-transferable for staff working different days.

NB: AW will issue no of wristbands agreed in your acceptance to trade. You can purchase further passes at the same time you return your acceptance. If AW becomes full to capacity, further tickets will be unable to be sold & access refused.

High Vis & Build/Break periods.  ALL staff members & any children MUST wear high vis during these times whilst on site and without high vis will be refused entry. Any children must not be left unsupervised. Upon entry we will require you to demonstrate you hold adequate numbers of high vis. High vis periods end when AW festival goes live.  


Insurance certification required to trade. All traders are required to upload current insurance certificates with their application.


Public Liability (for no less than £10,000,000)


Employee Liability (for no less than £5,000,000)

You are obliged to have Employers Liability Insurance, worth no less than £5 million, if you

employ one or more staff members. ‘Staff’ includes anyone paid or unpaid, managers

and yourself. There’s only a few exceptions for this insurance - for further details please visit:


Products Liability (for no less than £5,000,000)


Should your policies be up for renewal before or during the event then please provide evidence of your current insurance. If your application is successful then it is your responsibility to provide us with the renewed insurance 14 days BEFORE the opening of the event.


Up to date PAT Certification for electrical items used and certificate of compliance for electrics installed will be required.



Site Entry for traders will commence from Wednesday 1st August before 7pm and should be ready to trade by 7pm on 02/08/18.  You will be allocated a time slot for arrival, which you will need to adhere to. You will be required to park up in the build car park until a staff member escorts you onsite. You must not access the site without a member of the trader AW team accompanying you. A site safety instruction must take place before you come onto site.


N.B There will be no access to site between 7pm and 8am overnight


When can I trade from? Stage area trading times are 03/08/18 0900- 0100, 04/08/18 0900- 0100 and 05/08/18 0900-2300. Campsite trading times are 24 Hour. NB: Times are subject to change dependent upon arena & campsite opening times.


Load out Traders can commence to load out on 06/08/18 once the public have officially left site at 12 noon Monday. No-one must attempt to load out an any other time. All traders & belongings must be gone from the site by 1200 on Tuesday 7th August.



Fire Risk & Specific Hazards Assessment You will be required to provide a Fire Risk & Specific Hazards Assessment please attach & this should be available at your pitch on site for inspection.


Stalls/Marquees All should be made of fire resistant material or have a fire retardancy certificate. A copy of these must be available for site inspection. NB: NO Gazebos are permitted


Fire lanes Any fire lanes provided MUST be kept clear of obstruction & particular attention paid to location of stock/rubbish/staff belongings etc during the event & build/break periods.  


Fire exits Stall areas & exits MUST also be kept clear. Clear ways from your work area to fire lanes/open ground must be maintained free from obstruction.




AW have a strict policy for site deliveries & MUST BE PLANNED & AUTHORISED IN ADVANCE with the traders manager. No vehicles are allowed on site during restricted times and will be held in a specific designated area for deliveries on arrival. If deliveries arrive late, the traders manager reserves the right to refuse entry if the late arrival cannot be safely accommodated.


Direct deliveries can be made to site before the event opens on 03/08/18.


We will do our best to transport your delivery (if required) to your pitch but please be advised that during Wednesday and Thursday morning our onsite vehicles are limited and priority will be given to festival set up or alternatively there may be opportunity for wholesale of staple products from the farmer.  


Delivery vehicles passes will be issued closer to the event. You MUST ensure your

Delivery vehicle has your company name, trader name and pitch number/location of the pitch BEFORE they come on-site to deliver. AW Festival does not accept responsibility for receiving deliveries on your behalf. When your vehicles are on-site they can only move at a maximum speed of 5mph.



Portable water will be available from standpipes on site & you will need to bring adequate water butts/containers to transport water to your stall.

It is forbidden to attach to the onsite water supply with a hose pipe or cut in to the supply to provide your own feed. Anyone caught doing this will immediately be asked to leave site and will be liable for any costs associated due to their actions.

Grey Water No grey water can be discharged directly into the land. This must be discharged in designated containers position around the site. Grey water is defined as ALL water except that which is drinking water discharged from standpipes directly in to the land.

Public drinking water standpipes are expressly forbidden to use for personal hygiene, washing implements or to supply water to any other location

Detergents/Soap/Cleaning agents are prohibited unless used at designated points.



Electrical Appliances:  All electrical appliances must have a current PAT certificate. A copy of the PAT schedule, detailing testing of all electrical equipment to be used on-site must be shown in advance. Any equipment deemed unsafe on site must be removed from the stall for the duration of the event.

Ensure you bring with you a minimum of 20 metres of electrical cable to ensure you reach the nearest distribution board & this will need to be an  IP rated outdoor, 16A C-form extension lead.

Generators & Power Request: - AW has a strict site wide policy of NO GENERATORS on site as power will be provided by the festival itself.

Only power requested & paid in advance for, will be the power you will receive on site. No connections will be made to equipment that fails to meet current regulations & all installations will be metered before connections are made. There will be no exceptions to this rule.  Please note that power requirements must be correct on application. Unfortunately extra power cannot be added at the event.

Please let us know your specifications required from the list below and a quote will be provided.


16A (1Ø) = £

32A (1Ø) = £

32A 3 PHASE = £

63A (1Ø) = £


NB regarding electricity costs:

All campsite pitches will incur extra electricity costs which will be discussed upon successful application.



AW aims to recycle as much of the waste generated on site as possible & we request your help in this in assisting the waste/recycling teams by separating your waste at the point of use.

Litter Bond AW implements a ‘litter bond system’ consisting of a £100 deposit payment to be made in advance on agreeance of Terms and Conditions and payment of pitch fee. This deposit will be returned at  the end of the festival from the trader manager on sign out if, in the opinion of the Traders Manager, the area where you pitch was & 10m to the front is reinstated fully.  

Stall Area Traders are responsible for keeping the ground area of 10 meters in front of your stall frontage clean and tidy.

Bins A variety of bins will be available throughout the site. Please make sure you have enough of & a variety of bin bags with you to cope with the waste generated by your stall. (Commercial/Clear/Black etc) Bins should also be emptied as regularly as necessary and filled bags removed from public/trading areas and taken to accessible collection points

Digging  No sumps or associated earthworks may be dug

Oil   All oil, and empty oil containers, must be taken away and disposed of properly, under no

circumstances is oil to be poured onto the ground, down a drain or be left on the event site.

Digging  No sumps or associated earthworks may be dug.

Damage to site Any damage caused by you or your agents may be rectified by the festival and all attendant costs over and above the £100 bond will be charged to you.



Licensing Act 2003  Each festival and gig is a licensed site covered by the Licensing Act 2003. It is your responsibility to be aware of the act and to comply with it whilst on the AW festival site.

Health & Safety  You must ensure that all working practices and procedures comply with the regulations. Your attention is directed particularly (but not exclusively) to the provisions outlined in the following:-

Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999

Health and Safety at work Act (1974)

Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006

EU Regulation 852/2004 (Hygiene of Foodstuffs)

The Food Safety Act 1990

General Food Law Regulation (EC) 178/2002 (legislation relevant to food allergy advice requirements and relevant traceability)

Highly flammable liquids and Liquefied Petroleum Gases(LPG) Regulations 1972



Accidents/incidents All incidents/accidents MUST be reported to the festival site office and recorded in the appropriate logs. There is no exception to this rule no matter how slight the accident/incident

All personnel are required to observe the following:

  • Site speed limit of 5 MPH in pedestrian areas and 10 MPH in other areas.
  • Reversing procedures & reversing vehicles
  • Hard Hat areas
  • Hi-Viz clothing at appropriate times
  • Steel toe capped footwear at appropriate times
  • No smoking areas
  • All safety notices
  • Consumption of alcohol & illegal substances before/during & after working periods is prohibited. Breach of this rule will result in immediate removal from site




Alcohol NO ALCOHOL apart from that for personal consumption may be brought to AW festival. Traders who are a bar/ wishing to sell alcohol, will have to fit in with site alcohol sales.. All alcohol traders will be facilitated by the AW Bars Manager Matt. He can be contacted by emailing

Amplified Music No music may be played on site at any time without prior agreement from AW. This will be strictly enforced.

Fires and BBQs are not permitted.

PART 2 - To be read by those trading with food & or drink


A: CERTIFICATION (upload to online form)

Registered Council Please let us know your Local Authority Food Business Registration details. (As detailed on your last home EHO inspection copy)

Food Hygiene safety (Level 1 & 2) It’s now a legal requirement that all staff must be supervised, instructed or trained in food hygiene matters to a level commensurate with duties. In practice at least one trained/ experienced member of staff must be present within trading area at all times, and, as a minimum, all other staff members must have been given adequate instruction on the safe conduct of their duties.

Scores On The Doors Certificate (if you hold one)


B: GAS  

Gas Certification All gas appliances/installations used on the festival site must be currently certified as usable and safe by a registered gas safe Register gas engineer. A copy of the current Gas Safe Register certificate must be available for inspection on site. All cylinders brought to site must be removed after the event.

LPG GAS Only 1 LPG attached & 1 spare LPG (No larger than 47kg max size) are to be brought on site on entry. To be kept at your pitch at all times & secured from interference by the public. Cylinders must be secured from falling over using a strap/stake or other robust method. All other gas must be bought on site from AW’s designated festival supplier to be pre-ordered two weeks before the event.

Festival gas prices TBC

  • Full on-site gas supply for the duration of the event
  • Friday delivery to all traders

Gas Leak spray  All food traders must have leak detection spray with them for use when changing gas cylinders.




All food traders must comply with PART 1G in addition food/drink traders will be required to

have the following:-


Extinguishers A minimum of 1 dry powder extinguisher (Min 6kgs) inspected by a trained contractor or purchased within the last 12 months must be held. Service/purchase documents that evidence this MUST be available on site.


Deep fat fryers If your stall uses one of these, a foam type extinguisher must be provided &  at least one fire blanket should be present.



All food traders must comply with PART 1H in addition food/drink traders will be required to

Adhere to the following:-

Risk Analysis Under the the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006, Food Business Operators are required to implement/ maintain a regime of Risk Analysis relevant to all matters pertaining to such questions of Food Safety and Hygiene as may be reasonably expected to arise from the operation of that business. These analyses are to be based on the principles of The Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points, (HACCPs), details of which should be obtained from the Environmental Health Department of your local authority.

A copy of your food safety risk analysis document must be provided with payment.

Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) Caterers must now operate the FSA’s system or equivalent and have an operational SFBB pack or equivalent available for inspection on site. SFBB is available to view online at and the pack itself can be ordered from the


Food Allergen Certificate for all staff is available from FSA website

PART 3 - ‘Securing my pitch’


A: AW TRADING TERMS & CONDITIONS (If your application is accepted by AW, the following applies)


The following items are prohibited and not permitted on the AW festival site


  • Generators
  • Glass
  • Selling anything illegal or in contravention of any laws.
  • Drones
  • Kites
  • Flying lanterns/anything similar involving a flame or similar pyrotechnics
  • Fireworks/Pyrotechnics
  • Disposable metal BBQ’s
  • Alcohol not for personal use
  • Tobacco not for personal use
  • Air horns
  • Knives/Items that can be considered an offensive weapon
  • Offensive material
  • Non personal food/drink without a caterer’s license
  • Any item purporting to be official or unofficial festival merchandise of any description or in any regard to any artists appearing at the event
  • Unauthorised CD’s, DVD’s
  • Aerosols
  • Animals (Excluding assistance dogs) If you bring an animal you will be asked to remove & rehouse for the duration of the festival at your expense.



CANCELLATION OF TRADING  After accepting terms & conditions and paying your deposit fees, you decide not to trade, 50% of your pitch fee will be non-refundable. A 50% refund will not be refunded within 2 weeks of the event date (19th July 2018) unless under extreme circumstances under the discretion of AW.

CANCELLATION OF EVENT  If the event is cancelled due to force majeure, a refund of the pitch/stall fee minus an admin fee (deemed appropriate by AW) will be returned to you.  Timescale of which will be dependent upon insurer’s payout to the festival.


In accepting this information/terms & conditions you accept that Another World Festival or their designated employees are not responsible/liable for:-

Any losses incurred by you

Any loss of income or damage to your equipment, goods or personal belongings

Any loss of income or damage to goods caused by adverse weather conditions

Any necessary re-siting of stalls or change of performance program

Any injury incurred by employees or staff working for or connected to you

Any responsibility for the levels of trade during the event


It is your responsibility to insure against the above. AW festival employs a professional 24 HR on- site security company, however traders are responsible for the safety & security of own stock/vehicles & pitch.



AW reserve the right to remove you and/or your goods/chattels and/or your staff/agents from the festival site in the event of your failure to comply with the terms and conditions as outlined herein or as directed by licensing authorities. All traders must be aware of the legality of products being sold, ignorance is not a defence.


AW reserves the right to remove anyone from the site to ensure the smooth running of the festival. AW management retain sole competency in judging all matters relating to compliance & no rebate/restitution of associated costs will accrue from actions taken by site management to address any non-compliance issues. Traders are responsible for their staff.



If AW accept your application to trade at the festival. You will receive notification via email and an invoice for payment of your pitch/deposit fee. Please make payment via BACS, referencing your trading name to the following details:-

Boyaka Ltd

Account Number 42305658

Sort Code 404341

Prices For Each of the 4 Areas:

Area 1 Supersonic Highway (concrete surface- stage area) £650

Area 2 Beyond The Stars (grass surface- stage area) £550

Area 3 Deep Space (grass surface - stage area) £450

Area 4 Camping in the Cosmos (grass surface- camping/VIP/Glamping) £750


Once you have paid your full pitch fee, electricity and deposit then

all profit is yours – we won’t take a percentage of your earnings.


Other Information: Please read carefully


  • The Market Management team on behalf of AW are solely responsible for the allocation of trade pitch sites and reserve the right to reallocate or re-site a pitch at any time. You are not permitted to move or change your pitch from the location provided by the Market Management team.


  • You may not subcontract your stall or any part of your stall without clear written express permission. To do so may mean you will be asked to cease trading and may be prohibited from trading at AW.


  • Catering traders will be given a red card on arrival and will not be permitted to trade until Tiger Tea Health and Safety Officers have inspected the pitch. After inspection you will be awarded a green card indicating that you have passed inspection and may now trade. In some cases you may be issued with a yellow card indicating that you may trade but need to improve some aspect of your stall. Red, green or yellow inspection cards must be clearly displayed within the food trade stall at all times (on the Day Set-up and Trading)  In the event of adverse weather conditions there may be a vehicle movement ban on grassy areas until the ground is made safe. Trader vehicles breaking these rules may be asked to cease trading and leave without a refund.


  • All tents, marquees and structures must be securely staked in and must use guy ropes (if required). Thin straight pegs are prohibited as they are not sufficient, you must use U-pegs or rippled pegs instead. The weather conditions can be windy at the festival site, so ensure you have sufficient ballast on each leg of the marquee.

N.B These terms and conditions may be updated before the festival commences- however if you have submitted an application form you will be notified of any changes (last updated 28/06/18)


Link to Online Google Form :


We look forward to escaping with you to Another World…